Sarge Tips

sarge rant copy Wanna know how the Sarge really feels? Well this is the section for it. Sarge will address common issues that work his nerves and really fire him up! Are you ready for Music Advice boot camp?

Pee Before You Play!

It’s show time! The crowd is eager to hear your tunes, and the promoter is urging you to the stage! Let’s hold up the show so you can tinkle?! If your set time is preplanned, schedule your bladder, around it!

Facebook is NOT a website!

Yes, social media can be a powerful tool when used properly. But, this does not mean you should not have a website! The terms for websites such as Facebook change constantly, and can make it challenging for you to interact with your fans. You need an online presence that will allow you to interact on YOUR terms! Having a website shows that you’re a real professional and that you are also willing to spend the ten bucks a year to have one. Building them are easier than ever, with so many templated sites out there, even my grandma can learn to build one in a couple of days. A website makes things easier when you promote, nobody has to remember a long URL, just a simple domain name. It will also protect you in the future. If somebody takes your name and build later on, chances are you’ll never get it back. It also helps with search engine optimization, this means it will let people find you on the web easier. These are just a couple of reasons why you need a website, now stop arguing and get it done!

Signature Lines

So you were smart enough to figure out how to send an email? Well GOOD FOR YOU! Now perfect the art, and create a signature line! Receiving an email from “” doesn’t tell me WHO you are! Be polite and introduce yourself. There are tutorials online that will walk you through on how to create a proper signature line for just about every email service provider. Some texting services let you do it too! So get on it!

Check Your Email!

Check your email, EVERY day! Also, if you have other ways that people can contact you (Facebook, Reverb Nation, etc.) check those too! If you are serious about your project, and are doing things right, I guarantee promoters, fans and other bands will be wanting to talk to you. Don’t leave them hanging when it comes time to communication! You’ll be missing out on important opportunities! If someone in your project is dropping the ball on this, DROP that joker! You won’t get anywhere if you don’t answer when the Sarge comes callin’!.

Speak English, Or Die!

It is OK that you understand street talk, slang and jive turkey. However, most industry professionals don’t! You must be able to communicate in a way that others have been taught to understand, that is clear and professional. If you are incapable of speaking English or using slang, have a friend or your mother help you.

Take Care of The Sound Guy!

Introduce yourself to the sound guy/gal. The minute you hit the stage, they become another member of the band and can determine if you have a good time or bad time. If you want him to work hard for you, tell him your names, and be sure to leave a tip. A tip can be $5.00 dollars, a slice of pizza or a beer. Better yet, give him a stage plot diagram, and really blow his mind! He will remember you the next time you play and he will make sure you’re taken care of! If the sound tech is having a bad night, and your mix sucks, keep it to yourself! Don’t ruin your crowds’ fun by complaining. They are there to be entertained and have fun! A good band should be able to accomplish a decent set in any condition.

Get Off My Stage!

Load on and off stage as quickly as possible! Don’t run to the bar, bathroom or girlfriend(s) first! Have a formula and plenty of hands ready to get your equipment on and off the stage. Slowing up a show schedule is among one of the most unprofessional things you can do as a band. It will make you look bad to the promoter, venue, fans and other bands playing. Learn to move and get it done; otherwise the stage manager may make a jumbled art piece out of your gear!

Leave The Monitor Alone!

Need more talent in your monitor? NO! Bottom line is, some days you have good sound guys, some days you have bad sound guys. If you are not providing your own sound man, just be glad the system is turned on. If you don’t have enough of “Moe, Larry or Curly” in your monitor, make mention of it, then move on. If the sound guy doesn’t fix it then, chances are he doesn’t know how to, or his equipment is not capable of providing the results you’re looking for. Do not waste your set time on getting a good mix so you sound good for YOU. If you cannot play on a stage without monitors, you need to hit the rehearsal rooms. Learn to fly blind, you will have to do it most of your musical career, get used to it.

Drop The Game!

Video games are fun, I’ll give ya that! But shouldn’t you be working on your band?! Social media, website updates, event planning, practicing your instrument and gear maintenance are just a few of the more important things you should be focusing on! Unless you think getting a level 60 tomb pika’ soldier ork is more important!

Stranger Danger!

So, you need a new bass player, eh? When your scouting for new members, take caution! Last thing you want is someone stealing your gear, or worst! Talk with them over the phone first, and ask for references. Small things like reliable transportation, possessing their own instruments and equipment should be mandatory. Make sure you know their real name, not just a nickname or stage name. Having them fill out an emergency contact form lets you have access to their family or friends, in case things go sour. Every band should practice using an agreement form that lays out the responsibilities and expectation of each member of the band, so there is no confusion for the new guy! And, if you are going to hold auditions, try and do it in a public area, like a venue, studio or rehearsal room during the day.

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